15 Best Shows on Netflix America: The Top-Rated Exclusives

Last updated: July 6, 2022 by Oscar Frost

Netflix TV shows have a fan base of their own. Although in-house productions that are available on American Netflix can be streamed everywhere, no matter you are located in Canada or the US, third-party productions on Netflix are often geo-restricted.

So you’ve already found you way into US Netflix but can’t figure out what you should watch? Here are a few recommendations of the best shows on Netflix America that our Canadians would be deprived of unless you know how change Netflix region:

1. In the Dark

A blind woman suddenly finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Equal parts comedy and drama, this show will keep you entertained.

2. Dexter

An expert blood-spatter analyst working for Miami Police Department – who also happens to be a serial killer – lives by a strict-code of murdering other murderers, rapists, and the worst kind of people.

3. Twin Peaks

A bizarre David Lynch classic centering on the strange, quiet town of Twin Peaks with eccentric characters, supernatural forces, and idiosyncratic detectives. Not a show for anyone, but if Lynch’s style is something you can appreciate, don’t miss out on this gem.

4. The West Wing

A political drama about the lives of White Staff under the fictional President Josiah Bartlet. Interesting stuff if you’re a fan of political shows.

5. Person of Interest

A former CIA agent teams up with a billionaire to prevent crimes from happening with the help of a software capable of predicting future events. If you ask me, it’s one of the best shows to come out in the past decade but remains underrated somehow.

6. The Twilight Zone (Original)

This anthology TV series from 1959 was WAY ahead of its time. Every episode is a surreal experience interlaced with Kafkaesque elements. A genius mix of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres that Black Mirror in the 21st century is but a pale imitation of (just my opinion, don’t crucify me).

7. Criminal Minds

A crime drama about a group of profiling experts that analyze behaviors of dangerous criminals to anticipate and prevent violent crimes from occurring under their watch.

8. All American

A gifted football player is newly recruited in the Beverly Hills High School football team and struggles to adjust.

9. Parks and Recreation

Senseless bureaucracy is a constant pain in the butt of an enthusiastic and high-spirited Parks and Recreation department employee.

10. Containment

A epidemic forces Atlanta to impose a quarantine. A journalist digs deep to trace out a possible conspiracy. Quite relevant to our times in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

11. Sym-bionic Titan

Three aliens free their home planet, find Earth and merge with humanly ways while fighting of space monsters. Yep, it’s a pretty fun and happening animated show.

12. The 4400

Over the past 50 years, 4,400 people vanished and now suddenly reappear, some having strange powers. Murders start happening and law enforcement comes into again. A fun show to watch.

13. The Tudors

A show about the the 40-year reign of 16th Century Tudor monarch Henry VIII of England.

14. Silvana Sin Lana

An affluent woman is left with no option but to join the working class after her fugitive husband leaves her with no home and no money. If you’ve ever wished to see the rich tough it out like us poor people, this show is for you.

15. Weeds

After the sudden demise her husband, a suburban mother starts dealing weed to her rich neighbors to continue her comfortable lifestyle. Dope.

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