20 Best Movies on Netflix America: The Top-Rated Exclusives

Last updated: July 6, 2022 by Oscar Frost

It’s movie night but can’t figure out what to watch on Netflix? You might have exhausted the local Canadian Netflix library of movies, but there’s still a lot of stuff to watch on US Netflix.

I’ve compiled a list of movies exclusively available on American Netflix that you probably missed out on because of geo-restrictions. You will need a VPN service in order to unlock these movies in Canada, a task that takes less than 5 mins.

Okay, so you’ve made it inside US Netflix already? Let’s get comfy to enjoy these 20 best movies on Netflix American now:

1. The Wicker Man – IMDB Rating 7.5

A detective begins investigating a young girl’s after receiving a mysterious letter. Quite intriguing.

2. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – IMDB Rating 8

A movie about interracial marriage in the US. This was one of the few progressive films in the 1960s depicting interracial marriages in a positive light.

3. Purple Rain – IMDB Rating 6.6

A semi-autobiographical film starred by the Rock musician Prince himself about his struggles and musical journey in the early days.

4. Kate and Leopold – IMDB Rating 4

Hugh Jackman acting as Leopold travels in time from 1876 to the present and falls in love with a woman. A little cheesy but it’s as good a rom-com as it gets.

5. Cookie’s fortune – IMDB Rating 6.8

A crime-comedy film about suicide and greed. If that sounds like three entirely separate themes put together, that’s exactly why you should be watching this movie.

6. Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie – IMDB Rating 7.9

An animated movie about a kid going on an adventure trip to San Lorenzo with his friends, where he has to take similar risks as his parents.

7. I’ll See You in My Dreams – IMDB Rating 6.7

A widowed senior citizen desires companionship after her dog dies. From a simple premise ensues an interesting drama tale.

8. Raging bull – IMDB Rating 8.2

A journey of a champion to a bum. Watch Robert De Niro give the performance of his lifetime in this Martin Scorsese classic.

9. For Greater Glory – IMDB Rating 6.6

An epic historical war drama about religious freedom when a war is waged against Catholics.

10. Everybody Knows – IMDB Rating 7

A psychological thriller of a wedding turned into a tragedy with a kidnapping of a woman’s daughter.

11. Sling Blade – IMDB Rating 8

A child is hospitalized since he was 12 after murdering his mother and her lover. It is a dark tale of a disturbed man.

12. Paranormal Activity – IMDB Rating 6.3

The first of a series of found-footage horror movies where a couple documents strange paranormal activities happening in their home.

13. Sin City – IMDB Rating 8

An intense anthology of crime, redemption, and overlapping tales of revenge.

14. The Rum Diary – IMDB Rating 6.2

A Johnny Depp comedy about a journalist who moves to Puerto Rico and falls in love for a woman engaged to another man.

15. Rounders – IMDB Rating 7.3

A law student gets involved with a gambling addict and things take a turn for the worse when they must arrange $15,000 in a matter of 5 days.

16. Tomorrow Never Dies – IMDB Rating 6.5

A classic 007 installment where the resourceful secret agent joins forces with a foxy Chinese spy to take down a powerful mogul.

17. 9 – IMDB Rating 7.1

An animated movie about a post-apocalyptic world where a war between machines and humans has made Earth almost barren and devoid of life.

18. Krisha – IMDB Rating 7.2

10 years after abandoning her family, Krisha reunites at a Thanksgiving gathering where things, quite expectedly, go south.

19. The Great Raid – IMDB Rating 6.7

A war film dramatizing the events of the Raid at Cabantuan in World War II.

20. Porto – IMDB Rating 6.4

A drama about two expatriates who become lovers in the city of Porto.


Do you have any suggestions for US exclusive movies for Canadians to watch? Leave your suggestions below.

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