Free VPN Services for Netflix That Actually Work – (July. 2022)

Last updated: July 6, 2022 by Oscar Frost

Netflix geo-restrictions are not going away any time soon. As long as licensing agreements that American Netflix enters into with production studios specify regional availability of content, the differences in Netflix titles you get in region as compared to others will always remain.

Taking this fact as a given, what can you do to end this discrimination in the content you are given the right to enjoy at your leisure? Across the world, Netflix fans utilize networking software known as VPNs to deal with this problem.

Sadly, it’s not so simple anymore. As the usage of VPNs grew among users to unblock Netflix regions of their choice, the company stepped up and started a crackdown against proxies and VPNs.

Today, only a select few VPNs reliably unblock Netflix and most of these are paid services. But the keyword is here “most”; because there are some free VPNs that still actually work Netflix.

Netflix VPNs – Free of Cost Yet Effective

After much searching around the interwebz and testing different VPN services, I found only two VPNs (one VPN and one proxy service, to be exact) that reliably work for unblocking US Netflix in Canada:

1. Homebrew VPN


Homebrew VPN was designed specifically for unblocking streaming services, particularly Netflix. It is a completely free demonstration project of its commercial version (though I couldn’t find the paid version anywhere).

Homebrew VPN immediately got me access to US Netflix as soon as I set it up and connected to its US server. However, installing the VPN can be a bit complicated as there is no app for the VPN, but it’s doable. I mean I’m not a computer geek by any means but I managed to install it without feeling like pulling my hair out of my head.

While it unblocks US Netflix just fine, don’t expect HD quality streams because Homebrew VPN caps video quality to 480p. But we don’t get to complain because it is, after all, giving us access to Netflix totally for free and that must be respected.

Overall, HomebrewVPN is the best free Netflix VPN that doesn’t just claim to work, but actually does work.

You can find installation instructions for HomebrewVPN here.

2. Wachee


Wachee is a free unblocker that you can use as a Chrome extension. It is also available as an Android app. Considering how lightweight it is and its one-click setup process, it is incredibly efficient in its basic function: unblocking American Netflix.

All you need after installing it is to turn it on, visit Netflix, and voila. You will immediately see Netflix as our American friends across the border are accustomed to seeing, with all US exclusive content.

Like HomebrewVPN, the free version of Wachee only supports SD-quality streams on Netflix. If you want HD-quality video, you will need to get its paid version.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m happy with an SD-quality Netflix unblocker for free. Beggars cannot be choosers after all.


Netflix restrictions are strong and they’re only going to get stronger with the passage of time. Thankfully, some free VPNs for Netflix are still perfectly capable of providing access to the popular streaming service, allowing you to watch content from any Netflix library of your choice.

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