Netflix Error m7111-5059: 5 Ways to Fix It! – (July 2022)

Last updated: July 6, 2022 by Oscar Frost

The Netflix error m7111-5059 is usually very easy to solve if you know what causes it. This error occurs when American Netflix detects that you are using a proxy, VPN, or some other kind of unblocking service to bypass geo-restrictions.

Since Netflix content libraries vary by region and VPNs are often used to bypass regional restrictions, Netflix will give you this error if it suspects you are on a proxy/VPN. So, what you can you do to avoid this Netflix error – and preferably – still continue to use a VPN?

Solution#1: Make Sure Your VPN is Netflix-Compatible

Over the years, Netflix has gotten increasingly proficient at detecting users connected to a VPN in order to bypass geo-restrictions. Back then, you could literally use any no-name VPN or proxy service, and you’d be able to access any Netflix content library.

That’s sadly not true anymore. In fact, the majority of VPNs (even some of the biggest brands) do not work with Netflix anymore!  So, you need to make sure that it is not the VPN that is causing the problem for you.

You can find here some VPNs that work with Netflix, as these are services that I have personally tested and used for the purpose. I’d strongly recommend searching around the web and doing your research to determine if a VPN is reliable for Netflix.

Or you can simply leave a comment below and ask me and I’d tell you as soon as I do my own testing for you. The right VPN will get you access to Netflix’s different regions without giving you the m7111-5059 error.

Solution#2: Change Your VPN Server

Even if you have a VPN that supports Netflix, you still have to choose the right server in order to unblock the restrictions. No provider supports streaming on all servers. Only some are designed to do that.

To find the right server, some providers offer a streaming mode that will automatically connect you to an appropriate server for the streaming website you want to access. In most other providers, however, there are no such options.

You will have to reach out the customer support and ask the team to point out which servers will work to access Netflix of a region of your choice. Once you have determined the right servers for the job, connect to it, and visit Netflix through the browser or app.

Solution#3: Disable Proxy Connections

Make sure that your browser isn’t configured to connect to the web through a proxy connection. This makes it easy for Netflix to detect you when streaming movies and TV shows, hence denying you access. Here’s how to disable proxy (assuming it is enabled in the first place):

  1. Open the run dialog box in your Windows and type inetcpl.cpl
  2. Click on the connections tab > Lan Settings.
  3. Uncheck the Proxy server option and save the changes.
  4. Try visiting Netflix again.

Solution#4: Disable Cookies and Cache

Cache and cookies can also cause Netflix to give annoying errors like m7111-5059. Try clearing the cache and cookies in your browser and see if that works. Sometimes, your browser remembers certain configurations that Netflix associates with VPN usage and thus blocks your access.

Solution #5: Disable your VPN

If you don’t really want to bypass geo-restrictions at the moment and are happy with the Netflix content you are getting by default in your region, there is no reason why you should be connected to a VPN.

In fact, you’re only likely to slow down your speeds and get the proxy detection error with the VPN connected. So, keep yourself disconnected from the VPN and only use it when you actually want to access a library different from your default one.

Wrapping Up

The Netflix error m7111-5059 is one of the most commonly faced by VPN users. Although it is very easy to solve by simply disabling the VPN you have, that’s not really what most of us want to do, because we generally need the VPN to unblock restricted Netflix libraries.

So, if you do want to bypass restrictions with a VPN, then make sure to use one that actually works for Netflix. That’s the only way to effectively deal with this pesky error.

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