How Much Does Netflix Cost in Canada (Apr. 2021)?

Last updated: April 1, 2021 by Oscar Frost

netflix cost in canada

Netflix has expanded widely across the globe and is today available in almost every country of the world. However, every country gets a slightly different version of Netflix in terms of the content available. You’re probably aware of this fact.

But did you know that Netflix prices aren’t the same everywhere in the world?  In this article, we’re gonna see how Netflix cost in Canada has increased and how it compares to the cost of American Netflix.

How Much Does Netflix Cost in Canada?

Netflix offers three plans everywhere in the world: Basic, Standard, and Premium, with Basic being the least expensive and minimum features, and Premium being the most expensive with more benefits.

Netflix prices have increased over time. Within Canada, Netflix has become more expensive than elsewhere in the world.

Currently, here’s how the pricing looks like for Netflix CA:

  • Basic: $9.99/mo
  • Standard: $13.99/mo
  • Premium: $16.99/mo


This is a considerable increase from when the service was first launched in Canada back in 2010, charging only $7.99/mo. This increased to $8.99/mo for the basic plan and $10.99/mo and $13.99/mo for the Standard and Premium plans respectively.

In 2018, however, another spike in Netflix Canada price took these plans to $9.99, $13.99, and $16.99 a month for the Basic, Standard, and Premium plans respectively.

So far, there hasn’t been a spike in prices since Q4 of 2018. However, there’s no saying how much Netflix Canada will cost in the years to come.

Netflix Canada Cost vs Netflix USA, UK, & Australia

Canadians are paying a tad bit more than most other regions that Netflix is available in. Here’s how the differences in pricing looks:

  • Basic: The price of the basic plan is $9.99 in Canada, $8.99 in US, $7.80 in UK, & $6.70 in Australia.
  • Standard: The price of the standard plan is $13.99 in Canada, $12.99 in the US,  $11.71 in the UK, & $9.40 in Australia.
  • Premium: The price of the premium plan is $16.99 in Canada, $15.99 in the US, $15.63 in the UK, & 13.43 in Australia.

As you can see, Netflix Canada is the costliest as compared to some of the major Netflix regions in the world. Considering that Canadian Netflix does have a lot of exclusives, the higher price doesn’t seem to bad.

But we must also not forget that US Netflix, which probably has the best and biggest Netflix content library, is still cheaper by $1 for all plans.

Is there a way to get Netflix for cheaper in Canada? Actually, there is.

How to Get Netflix at Cheaper Rates in Canada

You already know how to get American Netflix in Canada to watch all shows unavailable in your region with a VPN. But VPNs aren’t only good for unblocking Netflix libraries; they can also be utilized to reduce subscription cost by spoofing your location.

Here’s how that works:

Note: You can only do this if you have a credit card belonging to the region you want to spoof your virtual location to.

  1. Subscribe to a powerful VPN for Netflix such as PureVPN.
  2. Download and install the PureVPN app on your computer/device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and enter your login details.
  4. Connect to a location with low Netflix rates (Colombia, Pakistan, Mexico etc.)
  5. Once connected, visit the Netflix website local to your chosen location.
  6. Proceed to subscription and pay with a credit card from the selected region.
  7. After successful subscription, logout from Netflix, connect to US Netflix server from PureVPN, and visit Netflix again.
  8. You will now be able to access American Netflix content in Canada at the cheapest rates.

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