How to Watch Tom Holland Uncharted 2022 on Netflix in Canada

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The Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland as the main character Nathan Drake, will be on Netflix on 15th July. Keep reading to learn how to watch Tom Holland Uncharted 2022 on Netflix in Canada.

In February, Uncharted was first shown in theatres. On 15th July, the movie will be released on Netflix US. Due to the geo-restrictions, the content libraries of Netflix are not available in every region.

What’s On Netflix says what is available in a specific region’s content library and how Tom’s Uncharted is releasing on Netflix US. But information about other areas is “still to come.” But the good news is that fans can watch the movie on Netflix using a VPN.

You can watch Tom Holland’s movie Uncharted on American Netflix in Canada via premium VPN. Read and find out how:

Quick Steps: Watch Tom Holland Uncharted 2022 on Netflix in Canada

If you’d like to watch Tom Holland Uncharted 2022 on Netflix in Canada, follow these simple steps first:

  • Choose a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN’s quickness.
  • Download, install, and sign up for a VPN.
  • Complete the sign-up procedure and connect to a US-based server.
  • Sign in into your account on Netflix U.S.
  • Now you can watch Uncharted 2022 on Netflix in Canada.

What is the Storyline of Uncharted?

Based on the well-known PlayStation game franchise of the same name, Uncharted was created by Naughty Dog. The two main protagonists, Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) were created after their respective namesake characters in the original game.

The film’s premise follows Nathan and Sully as they search for clues to discover Nathan’s missing brother while on a risky journey for the treasure a man could find. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway worked together on the adaptation of Uncharted, which Rafe Lee Judkins and Art Marcum wrote.

Is the Uncharted movie confirmed?

Yes, it has been confirmed that the film Uncharted will be coming on Netflix US. In February 2022, Uncharted was published after being initially scheduled for July 2021 but was again postponed from 15th February to the 18th.

When is the release date of Uncharted on Netflix?

“Uncharted” will be accessible to stream on 15th July this year after a strong run at the box office. Netflix tweeted to announce the streaming release date. To watch the movie on Netflix in Canada, you will need ExpressVPN service.

How long is Uncharted movie 2022?

The total running time of Tom Holland’s Uncharted (2022) is 1 hour 56 minutes (116 minutes). The movie will be released on Netflix US. To watch it in Canada on Netflix, you need to get ExpressVPN.

Is Tom Holland Nathan Drake?

The Uncharted movie feature Tom Holland as Nathan Drake. He is the lead actor in the movie. So, fans can mark their calendars to make sure they don’t miss this hit movie. Remember, you will need a VPN if you are in Canada.

Is there any trailer of Tom Holland’s movie Uncharted?

A short and brief trailer for Uncharted focuses on many exciting escapades, including robberies and treasure hunts.

The teaser promises crazy stunts and funny moments of Nathan with Sully so that the actors will be at their hilarious best. On 27th January 2022, the final trailer was published.

Does Elena show up in Uncharted movie?

Elena Fisher served as Nate’s prominent love interest throughout the four main Uncharted games. However, she isn’t in the film at all.

Who is in the cast of Uncharted 2022?

Mark Wahlberg plays Victor Sullivan, Sophia Taylor Ali plays Chloe Frazer, Tati Gabrielle plays Jo Braddock, and Antonio Banderas plays Santiago Moncada in the Uncharted cast together with Tom Holland.

Steven Waddington plays the Scotsman. Pingi Moli in the role of Hugo, Rudy Pankow as Young Sam, Tiernan Jones as Young Nate. At the Museum, Jesus Evita acted as a guard. Sister Bernadette is played by Georgia Goodman, Diarmaid Murtagh as a police officer, and Joseph Balderrama as Carlos in this movie.

Goldie is played by Serena Posadino, while Alana Boden plays Zoe. Jonathan Failla provides the voice of an unwitting doorman. A Luxury Sedan Driver, Anthony Thomas, was cast in the movie. Peter Seaton-Clark the role of Auctioneer.

Who is the female lead in Uncharted?

Chloe Frazer, played by Sophia Ali, is a treasure hunter and professional thief in high demand in the criminal underworld who is half-Indian, half-Australian. Nathan Drake, Harry Flynn, Charlie Cutter, Nadine Ross, and Samuel Drake are among the others she has worked with.

Why is Elena Fisher Not in the Uncharted movie?

Sony may have decided to omit Elena to avoid overcrowding the film with too many characters. Fans of the gameplay may have loved experiencing Elena in live-action, but people who had never seen Uncharted before would have been astonished.

Will there be an Uncharted 2?

Even if a sequel to Uncharted 2 has yet to be formally announced, fans shouldn’t give up hope of seeing Tom Holland reprise his role as Nathan Drake on the big screen.

Did Uncharted do well?

Yes, the movie did well at the box office. The video game Uncharted was published in February, and since then, it has become an enormous commercial success, earning more than $400 million worldwide.

Is Uncharted good Tom Holland?

Yes, Holland’s Uncharted is the best and the strongest piece in the movie. His action-hero moments feel more like Jackie Chan than Marvel’s wall-crawler. Nate likes wisecracks as much as Spider-Man.

He acts like an adult who’s Been Through Stuff. He’s out of place with Sully. He’s hardly the wholesome teen he portrays in Marvel movies.

Is Tom shirtless in Uncharted?

Yes, in “Uncharted,” the bulked-up Holland is the one who receives the shirtless pictures, demonstrating that there is more to view than just high schooler Peter Parker.

One tank-top muscular image from “Uncharted” starring Mark Wahlberg stands out. Ruben Fleischer, the director, asserts that “He has his firearms out.” We’ll get its shirtless shot in the sequel if we’re fortunate enough to acquire one.

Why is Tom Holland in Uncharted?

Holland was a fitting choice for the Unchartered movie. “I found myself drawn to the character’s adventurous spirit and where it would take me,” Holland explains. As a fan of traveling, I’m hopeful that this video series will allow us to see locations we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see.”

Tom Holland noted, “One advantage of making these films is that Sony was marketing the PlayStation.” So, all the actor’s caravans had the finest TVs and the newest PlayStation, and they gave me uncharted.” recently

How old is Tom Holland in Uncharted?

Tom Holland, 25, is still riding high after starring in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which recently overtook Avatar to become the third-highest grossing movie in the United States and the sixth-highest grossing worldwide.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Uncharted on Netflix in Canada?

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No, Zendaya will not appear in Uncharted.

‘Uncharted,’ on the other hand, is not inspired by any actual events. It is a film version of the Naughty Dog video game series of the same name.

The popularity of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man helped “Uncharted” win the holiday box office with $51 million. In “Uncharted,” Holland doesn’t wear his Spider-Man suit, but his recent action film is still doing well in North America.


The new Uncharted film, starring Tom Holland, will be available on Netflix in July and is part of Sony’s initial round of Netflix releases. Netflix U.S. is the ideal place to view it, as it is available on many internet platforms.

Make sure you’re using a US server to watch Tom Holland Uncharted 2022 on Netflix in Canada and that your internet connection is strong enough to prevent any problems with streaming. If you’re not in the US, you may still watch Netflix U.S. by using a high-quality VPN service like ExpressVPN.

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