How to Watch King’s War on Netflix Outside Canada

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King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han) has been available on Netflix in Canada and USA for quite some time now. It also recently announced its availability on Netflix Brazil and Germany soon. However, due to geo-restrictions, many fans are asking how to watch King’s War on Netflix outside Canada.

The fans outside Canada cannot watch King’s war on Netflix because of royalties and copyrights that are enforced by the streaming platform. Each country has its own rules about intellectual property and duplicating media content. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Read and find out how a VPN service can help you bypass geo-blocking:

Quick Steps: Watch King’s War on Netflix Outside Canada

Follow these steps to watch King’s War Chinese drama on Netflix outside Canada:

  • Subscribe to a reliable VPN. (ExpressVPN is highly recommended).
  • Download the ExpressVPN service app from Play Store or App Store.
  • Select a server in Canada in your virtual private network (VPN) account.
  • Visit Netflix once you’re connected and watch King’s War from anywhere.

What is King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han) About?

King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han) is about the events during the Chu and Han contention during the Qin Dynasty which led to the birth of the Han Dynasty.

It is a Chinese TV show featuring Chen Daoming, Peter Ho and Li Yixiao. The show is set during the chaotic final years of the Qin dynasty and vestiges the roots of Xiang Yu and Liu Bang.

One, a charming middle-aged thug; the other, is the grandson of a famous Chu general during the Warring States who is eager to reestablish his destroyed kingdom.

Just after the demise of Qin Shihuang, Qin easily plunged into chaos. The stage is set for both men to soar to prominence, but only one can become the next Chinese emperor.

Is King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han) based on a true story?

Yes, King’s War Chinese Drama is based on a true story, particularly the Chu-Han contention. After the Qin Dynasty fell, there was a civil war called the Chu-Han Contention 206-202 BC. In this war, Liu Bang, who started the Han Dynasty, beat Xiang Yu, who had led the revolt that overthrew the Qin.

*NOTE: The show was inspired by history but that does not mean that King’s War portrays exactly what happened then.

When is the Release date of King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han) on Netflix?

King’s War original release date was on December 28, 2012. It aired on Jiangxi TV, Anhui TV, Tianjin TV, Zhejiang TV, and Jiangxi TV.

It was released on Netflix Canada on October 3, 2017. There are several releases of King’s War on Netflix in different countries with varying release dates.

Is there any trailer of Legend of Chu and Han?

No, there is no official trailer for Legend of Chu and Han. There is, however, an opening theme available on YouTube. It was published in 2012 and it shows how the story unfolds with short clips of videos from different episodes.

How many episodes are in the King’s War series?

There are 80 episodes in this King’s War Chinese series. And it’s only in 1 season! So, if you’re up to binge something that would keep you awake, this is the show for you. After Three Kingdoms in 2010, King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han) is the 2nd historical drama TV series directed by Gao Xixi.

Given the number of episodes, Bona Film Group announced on June 8, 2011 that it would offer Gao Xixi a funding of 1.7 billion yuan for the production of King’s War, excluding any costs for any future expansions. This budget was projected to set a new record for the cost of production.

Who is Liu Ji?

Liu Ji (1 July 1311 – 16 May 1375) was a military strategist, officer, statesman, and poet of the then Yuan and early Ming Dynasties in Chinese history. His posthumous name was Wencheng.

Liu Ji (1 July 1311 – 16 May 1375) was a tactician, officer, statesman, and poet of the then Yuan and early Ming Dynasties in Chinese history. His posthumous name was Wencheng. He was born in the county of Qingtian (now the Wencheng County- Zhjiang). He was the principal counselor to Zhu Yuanzhang (1328–1398), the rebel commander of the Yuan Dynasty who subsequently became the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty (r. 1368-1398).

As the “Chinese Nostradamus,” Liu Ji is widely famed for his forecasts. Together with his contemporary oscillator , scholar, and officer Jiao Yu, he was one of the editors of the Huolongjing, a military treatise (the Fire Dragon Manual). His most well-known military essay is titled Lessons of War.

Where to watch King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han), a Chinese Series on Netflix in Canada?

King’s War is visible on Netflix under the Asian category. You may also search under the more specific category- Asian Movies and Dramas category. This has the repository of all kinds of Asian dramas be it Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, and Japanese dramas, among others.

This category also shows the top 10 most-watched dramas and top 10 movies. Thus, you can easily choose what movie or drama to watch next.

Who is in the cast of King’s War (Legend of Chu and Han)?

These are the cats of King’s War:

  • Daoming Chen as Liu Bang
  • Qin Lan as Lü Zhi
  • Yihong Duan as Han Xin
  • Ho Peter as Xiang Yu
  • Wu Gang as Shen Yiji
  • Hu Dong as Ying Bu
  • Yang Lixin as Xiao He
  • Li Yixiao as Consort Yu
  • Liu Yuxin as Concubine Qi
  • Huo Qing as Zhang Liang
  • Sun Haiying as Fan Zeng
  • Wang Xinjun as Peng Yue
  • Zhang Jinyuan as Chen Ping
  • You Yong as Yong Chi
  • Wang Jishi as Lu Wan
  • Kang Kai as Fan Kuai
  • Fan Yulin as Long Ju
  • Zhang Chenghao as Zhou Bo
  • Lin Peng as Xiahou Ying
  • Yu Hewei as Qin Shi Huang
  • Jiang Yongbo as Cao Wushang
  • Yu Bin as Qin Er Shi
  • Xu Xiaojian as Cao Shen
  • Yang Ziduo as Yu Ziqi
  • Li Yuan as Ji Bu
  • Li Yixin as Zhao Chuiluan
  • Zheng Wei as Liu Ying
  • Chi Dong as Han Sheng
  • Yu Mingjia as Lady Cao
  • Zhu Yanping as Xiang Liang
  • Qiu Yunhe as Xiang Di
  • Ye Dingming as Fusu
  • Xu Maomao as Xiang Bo
  • Cao Weiyu as Zhang Han
  • Ji Chenmu as King Huai of Chu
  • Miao Luoyi as Liyuan
  • Liu Xiaoxiao as Jitao
  • Gong Yirong as Ruojiang
  • Li Jichun as Ziying
  • Ye Peng as Zhongli Mo
  • Elvis Tsui as Wei Bao
  • Li Jianxin as Li Si
  • Xu Wenguang as Zhao Gao
  • Cai Yida as Xiang Zhuang
  • Wang Shengnan as Xiaoyi
  • Sun Erchen as Li Si’s youngest son
  • Wang Zitong as Emei
  • Liao Jianheng as Liu Fei
  • Shang Yue as Song Xiang

More importantly, Xixi Gao and Haibo Liu directed the series. Hailin Wang and Peigong Wang are credited with the series’ writing.

Which place is the boundary between Chu and Han?

The Yellow River is the boundary between Chu and Han. On Chinese chess boards, “the river” is frequently labeled “Chu River” and “Han Border.”

Chu River and Han Border was formerly the name of a gorge on Guangwu Mountain in the southern side of the Yellow River in Yingyang, Henan Province.

During the Chu-Han War in the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang, Emperor Gaozu of Han, and Xiang Yu, King of Chu, engaged in numerous battles in and around Yingyang. The chasm became the boundary between the Chu and Han for historical reasons.

What Else do we know about King’s War Chinese Drama?


Wang Peigong (King’s War screenwriter) spent many years writing the script for King’s War. Gao Xixi (King’s War director said) during an interview:

“Peigong and I would talk about the King’s War any opportunity we have. After 4 years, I think that time is now right. The series shall commence with Liu Bang serving as a street cop in Pei County before establishing the Han dynasty and ascending to the throne of China. This show will not employ the narrative structure of traditional historical dramas. King’s War Legend of Chu and Han is clever because of the word Legend.”

True enough, this series lives up to its name. It’s legendary since its inception to date.


In the 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards, Daoming Chen won the Best Actor Award.

In 2014 during the 1st Hengdian Film Festival of China, Peter Hon won the Best Actor Award along with his co-actor Li Yixiao who won the Best Actress Award. Also, the show bagged the Best TV series Award. On the same year. During the china TV Director Committee, yihong Duan bagged the Outstanding Supporting Actor Award.


The show yielded an average rating when it was ongoing. On the other hand, IMDb rating for King’s War is 8/10. This goes to show that some shows bloom in time. Now, it’s well-loved on Netflix and sought for in different countries.

IMDB positive reviews can be read here.

What Are The Best VPNs to Watch King’s War on Netflix Outside Canada?

The best VPNs to watch King’s War on Netflix Outside Canada are here. We tested several VPNs and arrived at the top 3 VPNs.

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Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch King’s War on Netflix Outside Canada

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NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch King’s War on Netflix Outside Canada

NordVPN is the most user-friendly VPN to watch King’s War on Netflix outside Canada. Its app is navigable, and the service comes with reliable service for users’ safety.

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No, it is not accurate. It was just inspired by the historical event but it was not exactly what happened in reality.

The IMDb rating of King’s War is 8/10.

Mandarin is the original language of King’s War.


That’s it, history fans! To watch King’s War on Netflix outside Canada, subscribe to ExpressVPN’s service. Unlock a world of unlimited movies and shows through ExpressVPN.

If you have some questions, feel free to comment! Have fun.

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