How to Watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix Outside Canada

Last updated: July 4, 2022 by Oscar Frost

In the mood to watch a comedy with a tinge of action and drama? Fast & Feel Love is a worth-watching rom-com that’s coming on Netflix the first week of July. To watch this Thai comedy flick on Netflix Canada, make sure you know how to watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix outside Canada due to geo-restrictions.

Hailing from the genius of Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, Fast & Feel Love is another dazzling feather in the filmmaker’s hat. The film deeply explores the philosophies of modern relationships and thoroughly investigates the issues that afflict Millennials.

Fast & Feel Love is the kind of film you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Unfortunately, this latest dramedy will not be released on Netflix worldwide. Netflix Canada has the exclusive rights to stream Fast & Feel Love and if you are living elsewhere, you wouldn’t be able to watch it.

Keep reading this article as we will discuss in detail how binge-watchers can access Netflix Canada with the help of a premium VPN app.

Quick Steps: Watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix Outside Canada

Follow these easy steps to watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix outside Canada with the help of our recommended VPNs:

  • Subscribe to any reliable VPN app. We always recommend ExpressVPN due to its industry-leading features.
  • Get the VPN app on your device and sign in with your subscription details.
  • Connect to a VPN server located in Canada.
  • Log in to your Netflix account, search Fast & Feel Love, and start watching from anywhere.

What is the plot summary of Fast & Feel Love movie?

Kao, who is a thirty-plus years old man-child, is the world champion for being the fastest in sport-stacking and has been called for a competition by Gen Y kids around the world. These kids are up to challenge him and are trying to surpass his world record.

Amid all this, Jay (Kao’s long-time girlfriend), who has been taking care of him and everything else for him for almost a decade, decides to break up.

And just like that, the champion of sport stacking becomes a loser in real life. While Kao has to keep up with new stacking challengers, he also needs to start learning some basic daily life chores to survive.

No matter if it is grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, mopping, mending the water pump, or other inessential daily tasks, he has to step up his game.

These simple tasks for general people start to look like uphill struggles to this glorious champ. Yet, for him, the hardest task of all is to figure out how he is going to win his girlfriend’s heart back.

When is the release date of Fast & Feel Love on Netflix?

The movie Fast & Feel Love will be released on Canadian Netflix on July 6, 2022. If you have a Netflix subscription but are currently living outside Canada, only a premium VPN can help you watch this interesting rom-com flick.

Is there any trailer of Fast & Feel Love?

Yes, the trailer of Fast & Feel Love is available on YouTube. The trailer pretty much sums up the film story giving an insight into this comedy-drama film.

Watch the quite unusual and funny trailer of Fast & Feel Love here:

The trailer shows a world champion in sport stacking, Kao, who is dumped by Jay, his girlfriend for 10 years, because of his obsession with speed training. After his girlfriend bids him farewell, Kao is forced to learn some basic adulting skills.

Who is in the cast of Fast & Feel Love?

Fast & Feel Love is a film by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit who has written and directed this film himself.

See the cast of this comedy-action film here:

Nat KitcharitKao
Urassaya SperbundJay
Anusara KorsamphanMetal
Kanokwan ButrachartKao’s Mother
Wipawee PatnasiriPor
Keetapat PongrueaPai-Liu
Joohong LeeMr. Kang
Chanyoung KimMr. Woo
Napak TricharoendejYam
Arthichon OsotumnuaychokeYam’s Kid
Kornnaphat KhomsakornYam’s Kid
Joshua Ugochukwu EzunaguEdward
Marvelous NdigweEdward’s Mother
Akeathit UsapanichSomyos
Boonyalak AuchachotSomyos’s Girlfriend
Kittipat RungwatthanaphaiboonAntoine

When and where was Fast & Feel Love released initially?

The movie Fast & Feel Love was initially released in Thailand on April 6, 2022. Later on, the movie had multiple international theatrical releases in countries like Singapore and Indonesia. Now the movie is coming to the USA and will be released in July on Hulu.

What is run time of Fast & Feel Love?

The run time of the comedy feature film Fast & Feel Love is 2 hours and 12 minutes. You will definitely love the plot and the story will keep you at the edge of your seats with gripping action and unending humor with romance as icing on the cake.

What Else do we know about this latest dramedy movie Fast & Feel Love?

Fast & Feel Love was initially thought to be the very first action flick of Thamrongrattanarit. There were rumors circling among the fans that it was merely another PR stunt to create hype to attract more audiences to watch the film.

However, this exactly delivered what the filmmaker pitched and got enormous positive feedback from the movie-goers and critics alike

This flick deeply interrogates the problems that trouble Gen Y and features Thamrongrattanarit’s signature style with meme-ready puns, poker-faced humor, and freakish characterization.

What Are The Best VPNs to Watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix Outside Canada?

We have discussed the 3 best VPNs to watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix outside Canada below:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix Outside Canada

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix outside Canada. This VPN outperforms its competitors in every aspect and is currently leading the popularity charts due to its excellent service.

As of today, ExpressVPN offers a vast network of 3000+ servers in 94+ countries at 160 different locations.

That’s no doubt a widespread coverage. Out of these 160 locations, 4 server locations are located in 3 Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.


Its Trusted Server Technology is loaded on all servers which helps bypass the geo-restrictions of Netflix without any hassle. Other streaming features include Ad Blocker which blocks annoying ads while streaming, and the Lightway Protocol ensures fast speeds.

All of these incredible features allow you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favourite shows and movies, such as Kepler(s), The Contract, Wingmen, Queen of the South S5, Barbie: A Fairy Secret, Better Call Saul – S6, Meet, Marry,  Murder, All American Season 4 and Outlander S5.

If you are fussed about your particular streaming device not supporting any VPN connectivity, ExpressVPN has an answer to that as well. It offers a SmartDNS feature called MediaStreamer that allows you to watch geo-restricted content without any VPN configuration.

You can subscribe to this best-in-the-business VPN for $6.67/mo by committing to its yearly plan. A money-back guarantee and a 5 multi-login option are also stapled with the subscription.

Other geo-restricted streaming services that ExpressVPN lets you unblock are Netflix US, HBO Max, and Prime Video. You can also watch your favourite Hulu content from anywhere.

Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix Outside Canada

Surfshark is the most pocket-friendly VPN app that allows you to access geo-restricted streaming services without any problem. This tried and tested VPN delivers excellent overall performance at cost-effective pricing.

Moreover, Surfshark offers around 3200+ servers currently located in 65+ countries, including 3 server locations in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto).

Using any of these servers equipped with the Camouflage Mode feature, accessing Netflix Canada is a completely hassle-free experience.


Surfshark’s 24-month subscription plan brings down the monthly subscription cost to $2.49/mo per month. That’s peanuts as compared to other premium VPN apps. Moreover, it allows you to use a single account on as many devices as you want.

In terms of streaming features, it offers the CleanWeb feature allowing you to stream ad-free. While the Bypasser feature lets you use the VPN on specific apps.

Its incredible features and security can enable you to watch geo-restricted content like Sonic the Hedgehog, Reminiscence, Malverde, The Informer and Dark Money.

Besides Netflix Canada, you can also use this VPN to unblock Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and The CW. And if you are a Disney+ subscriber, Surfshark can be your ideal app.

NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix Outside Canada

NordVPN is known for being the most user-friendly VPN available in the market. This VPN is the choice of millions due to its user-friendly interface and 24/7 customer service. It is ideal for newbies to watch online geo-restricted content.

Besides its user-friendly apps, it also offers a huge network and you will never run short of its fast server options. It has over 5310+ servers in 60+ countries, including 480+ servers within Canadian territory. Simply connect to any server in Canada and watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix.


NordVPN offers several top-notch features. Threat Manager and NordLynx Protocol ensure ultimate security, while its Obfuscated Servers allow you to hide your identity and trick geo-blocked streaming platforms.

With these features, accessing other geo-restricted streaming platforms, including Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and Paramount+ is a piece of cake.

You can also unblock your favourite content such as Motherless Brooklyn, Ben and Jody, Curse of the Witching Tree, We Are Marshall (2006),  Peaky Blinders Season 6 and Love Happens (2009).

NordVPN is currently offering a 2-year-long subscription package for a mere $3.49/mo, including a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use one subscription on 6 devices at a time.


Thai filmmaker Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit has directed the movie Fast & Feel Love.

Fast & Feel Love was initially released in theaters in Thailand on April 6, 2022.

Yes, you can watch Fast & Feel Love 2022 on Netflix as the movie will be released soon on the streaming giant on July 6, 2022. However, it will be available on Netflix Canada and you will need a premium VPN if you currently live elsewhere.


Fast & Feel Love is another impressive brainchild of Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, who already has several other super-hit titles. Netflix has grabbed a fantastic title for its subscribers that will hit the streaming platform exclusively in Canada.

If you currently live or travel outside Canada and don’t want to miss out on this must-watch romantic comedy, you must get a subscription to a high-end VPN app. ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN to watch Fast & Feel Love on Netflix outside Canada.

Guaranteed access to Netflix Canada and super-fast streaming speed make this VPN our No.1 choice!

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