Netflix Account Settings: How Do I Manage My Netflix Account?

Last updated: July 6, 2022 by Oscar Frost

Netflix Account Settings

Whether you are a new user of Netflix or using it since its existence, there are specific settings you can adopt to improve the Netflix experience for you and your family or hacks like learning how to get American Netflix in Canada

While watching Netflix, many of us face troubles like customizing subtitles, finding the hidden genres, getting updates, slow loading of content, and inaccessible titles.

Such things irritate us and make our experience worse. This guide brings you various tips and tricks that will help you resolve your issues and make your Netflix experience better.

 1. Say Goodbye to Autoplay Trailers

When it comes to promoting its content, Netflix usually runs Autoplay trailers with sound. This can be quite irritating for those only browsing the VoD. After tons of complaints, Netflix has finally given users the option to turn it off.

If you want to say goodbye to those annoying autoplay trailers, simply go to “Manage Profiles”. Click on your profile and uncheck the “Autoplay Previews While Browsing on All Devices” option and enjoy browsing, without interruptions.

Turn Off AutoPlay

2. Create Multiple Profiles

If more than one person in your home uses the same Netflix account, multiple profiles can help. To create multiple profiles, navigate to “Manage profiles”. Click on “Add Profile” and enter a name, language. You can also edit the maturity setting by creating a Password.

Press the “Save” button when done. You will now see a new profile displayed next to some of your options, and you can switch between them whenever required. Each profile will also receive recommendations based on the titles they “like” or watch.

Create Multiple Profiles

3. Kick People Off Your Netflix Account

Netflix imposes restrictions on the number of people connected to your account. So, if you are unable to stream a title, due to simultaneous connections being maxed out, it’s perhaps time to take some action and kick people off your Netflix account.

After all, the last thing you want is your ex still using your account for free. To get started, simply go into “Account Settings” and selecting the “Sign out of all Devices” option. This should get rid of all the leeches taking advantage of you!

Kick People Off Netflix Account

4. Browse Hidden Netflix Categories

You may not be aware of this, but Netflix has many hidden sections waiting for you to explore. For instance, if you select the “Documentaries” type when browsing, you will see sub-categories such as ‘‘Foreign Documentaries’’. In simple words, there are plenty of hidden categories.

To search for them, go to a browser, and enter the URL Check this guide out for Netflix Secret Codes and enter the number at the end of the URL. It will take you to your required hidden category.

Netflix Hidden Categories

5.  Connect to a VPN Server in the US

While this is not exactly something that you can alter from the settings if you want to explore the complete Netflix library, there is no better investment than a VPN service. By using one, you can gain unrestricted access to over 13,500+ Netflix movies & TV shows.

Therefore, if you are located in Canada and want to unblock the US library, simply connect to a VPN server in the US. This will change your IP address and location to that of a city in the US, which in return gives you access to a whole new world of entertainment.

Connect to a VPN Server in the US

6. Get Better Recommendations on Netflix!

Whenever you watch any of your favorite content on Netflix, don’t forget to rate it. In 2017, Netflix decided to change its decade-old five-star ratings with a simple thumbs up or down button i.e. “I Like This” or “Not for Me”, which are pretty handy!

If you like a certain movie/TV show, simply hit the “I Like This” button. Conversely, if you didn’t like a title, hit the “Not for Me” button. By utilizing these options, Netflix will be able to give you better recommendations on what you should watch!

Get Better Recommendations

7. Turn On Audio Descriptions

One of the best account settings made available by Netflix is the ability to turn on audio descriptions; a feature that facilitates the visually impaired, who often miss important cues that are made for the sighted. This shows that Netflix covers all grounds.

Over the years, Netflix is continuously adding audio descriptions to its titles. As such, the visually impoared can now hear voice-over descriptions of what’s onscreen. You can access it by clicking on the “Language” options and selecting “English – Audio Description”.

Turn On Audio Descriptions

8. Save More on Mobile Data

Streaming video on mobile data can drain an entire package within a few hours, which can be quite frustrating to say the least. Luckily for you, Netflix does offer a way to conserve the amount of data used during streaming on your mobile network.

Simply go to “App Settings” and tap on “Cellular Data Usage”. Over here, you can restrict Netflix viewing to Wi-Fi only or choose the “Save Data” option. Changes can also be made to the data usage per screen by going to “Account” > “My Profile” > “Playback Settings”.

Save on Mobile Data

9. Customize Subtitles Appearance

Netflix offers subtitles for most of the content. Luckily, you can make some changes. Whatever the device you are using, simply go to your account and click on “Subtitle Appearance”. It allows you to change font, text size and even the background color.

Customize Subtiltes Appearance

10. Clear Netflix Watch History

The “Resume Watching” tab of Netflix can sometimes get irritating, especially if a certain title keeps reappearing, which you stopped watching, due to it not grabbing your attention. Previously, this option wasn’t available, but Netflix always surpasses expectations.

To clear your Netflix watch history, go to your profile on the top right corner and click on “Account”. Under “My Profile” on “My Account” page, click on Viewing Activity. For titles that you want removed, click on the “Hide from viewing history” option.

Clear Netflix Watch History

11. Test Netflix Features Before Release

Another great Netflix Account Setting for those users who are binge-watching fanatics is to activate the option for testing new features before their release. In order to do this, go to your “Account” and click on the “Test Participation” option. Set the slider to “On”.

Test Netflix Features Beforehand

Netflix Account Settings: FAQs

When it comes to figuring out Netflix Account Settings, you may find yourself asking questions. Below I highlight the most common questions and their answers:

💭How do I get to my Netflix account settings?

To access your account Netflix like “Plan Details, simply navigate to the “My Account” page. You can also change your preferences like video playback settings from here and each section of the page has links to more information about managing your account.

📍How do I change settings on my Netflix account?

The process is simple and doesn’t require any rocket science. Simply log into your Netflix account, select the Profile you want to change settings on, and then go to “Account”. You should have access to all popular settings in this menu!

💳Why can’t I adjust the brightness on Netflix?

If you are facing issues with brightness on Netflix, the simplest solution is to disable the “Video Enhancer” setting. This can be done by going to your mobile settings, clicking on Advanced Settings, and then deactivating Video Enhancer.

⭐How to fix Netflix 12001 Error on Android?

Open the Android Settings, go to Apps and Notifications. See all apps, then scroll down to tap Netflix login. Within the Netflix sub-menu, go to storage and cache and tap on Clear storage and Clear cache. This should fix the problem instantly.

Wrapping Up

These simple changes can greatly enhance your Netflix experience. Also, if you share your account with others, everyone can benefit from these alterations in Netflix Account Settings. If you change your mind, you can also easily restore everything to default.

Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues, do not hesitate on dropping a comment below. Also, if you liked this guide, please feel free to share it with friends and family members! 🙂

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