Top 10 Live TV Streaming Services in Canada [Paid & Free]

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When it comes to streaming movies/TV shows, SVoD services like American Netflix are quite popular among binge-watchers and entertainment geeks. However, what about those people who are looking for live TV streaming services in Canada?

Lucky for you, there are plenty of platforms available for live streaming breaking market norms and culture by forming partnerships with a number of TV channels worldwide. So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Top 10 Live TV Streaming Services Canada in 2022

A lot of streaming services offer on-demand content with a primary focus on live streaming. The following are the best live streaming sites available in 2021:

1. RiverTV

Canada’s first live TV service; disseminating tons of content via 30+ great channels that offer outstanding shows to see like The Blue Angel, Forged in Fire, The Butcher, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, with thousands of hours of other quality content.

Users can watch their favorite content like The Strange Evidence, Forged in Fire, Into the Wilderness, Law & Crime Reports from their laptops, desktop computer, Android phones, Apple TVs, iPhones, and even through a dedicated Web app.

Through the River TV; we all can easily access a bunch of movies, top shows, comedies, documentaries, adult content, and kids’ entertainment. Start its 7-day free trial service; however, it costs $16.99/month for 30+ channels + Live TV!

2. CBS All Access

A cost-effective choice to stream hit shows, movies, CBS Live TV, and its unique Original productions; all you get under one platform is simply amazing and at viewers’ convenience. Live coverage of all favourite sports like ET Live, CBS Sports, and more.

The Originals content such as STAND, THAT ANIMAL RESCUE SHOW, CONSOLE WARS, WHAT IS MEMO 618 – THE GOOD FIGHT, are magnetizing and cannot be waited for more to for a weekend or a holiday; as it teased to watch right now.

Apart from these; family entertainment is all there to sit for long hours to keep watching all the great content like iCarly, The Loud House, Danger Mouse, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, with much, much more to explore in it.

3. CBC

An authenticated Canadian channel to stream Live TV and Radio shows without paying any cost to stay updated with all current events and future predictions inside Canada. It was founded on November 2, 1936 (Radio), and September 6, 1952. (Television).

The platform has a dedicated tab available on its website “Watch Live” covering great content on Top Stories, Local, Opinion, Canada, and Politics. Additionally; a lot of valuable information is available on subjects like Business, Health, Tech, and Science.

4. City TV

It is owned by Rogers Sports & Media, a subsidiary of Rogers Communication having six owned and operated television stations located in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. The network enables all its viewers to use the Live TV feature.

Furthermore; it distributes the content to see all episodes of Primetime favourite local shows for instance THE BACHELOR, 9 MILLION LITTLE THINGS, CHICAGO MED/FIRE, etc. Lastly; it’s a free place to watch live videos and access other quality content.

5. Global News

It is an excellent source for collecting recent information about news in Canada and around the world with a productive knowledge of Health, Politics, Lifestyle, and Money.

To watch the live coverage on it; all you need is to click on the option “Watch” from the top of its menu bar, available on its official website.

6. Nickelodeon

This is one of the splendid platforms for the kids with tons of quality videos and games available to play Live. Its sister channels are also widely demanded among the children in the world like Noggin (Educational brand), TeenNick.

The available content on its site is highly engaging and learning-based such as “Things to do While Social Distancing, Extraordinary Mackenzie’s Story, Noah’s Story, and more.

7. Boomerang

An American television network for family entertainment that provides free videos to see online for adults and kids. It is a division of Warner Bros Entertainment, a subsidiary of AT & T’s Warner Media. Classic cartoons including Looney tunes and Scobey-doo are the most demanding content from Boomerang.

8. Pluto TV

This is an excellent video-on-demand live streaming site; that offers 250 channels and 100,000 unique hours worth of programming for satisfying the diverse interests of international communities like adventure, comedy, documentaries, TV shows, etc.

Fortunately; tons of its content is free to see online and it does impose any limitation of a particular device usage where you can easily view from famous devices like Android, iOS, Smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung, and Sony.

9. FuboTV

Most young adults are great fans of sports content and let me tell you one thing straight away; this is one of the appealing sites for watching live sports and on-demand entertainment.

The web has an ideal interface for reliable streaming. Furthermore; DVR functionality is also available to save all the favourite content. Fubo TV offers its premium services with additional channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, ESPN, and many many more at different prices.

10. FX Movie Channel

An American-based TV channel owned by FFX Networks, a subsidiary of Walt Disney. It provides a large content of online movies to stream live including the hot demanding Hollywood blockbusters.

The platform is stunning where people can restrict themselves from playing their favourite titles like The Hustler, Wild Card, Widows, Mission Impossible II, etc. The good news for all of us is; it’s free if we are subscribed to the FX network.

How to Get American Netflix in Canada?

The US Netflix library is not available in Canada; but still, people can access its all content while staying in Canada. Thinking about how it is possible? we have researched extensively to unblock US libraries by using the best VPN.

VPN is a perfect geo-spoofing tool. To unblock US Netflix, all you need to do is connect to a server located in the United States. After that; it will change your actual IP address and make you appear online from the US.

Resultantly; all individuals who will be having VPN connections; will grant access to the Netflix US library from Canada. If it sounds good to you; then stick with us to know the easy steps for unblocking geo-restricted content.

Apart from it; people can stream American Netflix from all Android and Apple devices such as Apple TV, iPhone, Mac, etc.  Additionally; if you have a concern about how much Netflix cost in Canada then click on the highlighted link.

Quick Steps to Get American Netflix in Canada

If you want to access the US Netflix library in Canada after signing up, follow these simple steps of connecting to a US server with ExpressVPN:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN by opting for a plan that suits your budget.
  2. Install the relevant app on the device you want to watch Netflix.
  3. Connect to a VPN server from the “United States”.
  4. Enjoy streaming the American Netflix library in Canada.

ExpressVPN for Netflix US in Canada

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Live TV Streaming Services Canada: FAQs

When it comes to deciding on which live TV streaming service in Canada to sign up with, you may find yourself asking questions. Below are answers to common queries.

Are there any other LIVE TV streaming services?

Apart from the sites written in the article; the following are some other best option for LIVE TV:

  • Hulu + Live TV

Besides this; if any one of these sites shows a playing error like “Service Not Available in your Area” then you will need a VPN to access them for sure. To play these sites you just need to connect the server location in the United States; then refresh the site to play uninterruptedly.

How to Live TV can be streamed in Canada?

There are a lot of websites that offer LIVE TV features for distributing its content. The mentioned sites in the above article are providing such functions. However; users need to visit their official website and check the LIVE/Watch option then hit the ok button to start streaming live.

In which countries YouTube TV is available?

Currently; the service is officially available in the United States only. However; anyone can still use its content for watching through installing a VPN connection on a computer/mobile any other user device. Follow the easy steps instructions which are given above in the article to enjoy.

Which is the best choice for streaming in Canada?

Every individual has their own choice and preference for watching online videos. Some may like the native Canadian TV shows or listening to current news updates.

However; others may like to see the movies or engage their children for playing with kids’ entertainment content. Therefore; think of your interest and all the content is available to match and satisfy one’s needs.

How much does YouTube TV cost in Canada?

Initially; bear in mind that it is only available when you will be subscribed to a reliable VPN connection because this powerful tool will help you in bypassing the geo-restricted content of YouTube TV as it is only available in the United States.

On the other side; the new YouTube TV service which has 42 channels and 9 months DVR storage will cost $35 per month.

Wrapping Up

Keeping knowledge of all the Live TV streaming services is always a good habit. One must try the free services to match their preferences and interests; if feel satisfied then keep enjoying them for free.

However; top-paid services are also available with tons of content for a pleasing and exhaustive experience. Additionally; knowing about a VPN service that can unblock Hulu and other locked services in Canada is really impressive.

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