How to Watch “Barbie: It Takes Two” on Netflix in Canada? – [June, 2022]

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Barbie It Takes Two on Netflix in Canada

Barbie: It Takes Two is an appealing animated series to Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams. It consists of 26 episodes for binge-watching. It is scheduled to release in two phases on Netflix.

The first phase has arrived on American Netflix as the premiere of Barbie It Takes Two Season 1 was on April 8, 2022.

Later this year, the second phase will also be released on Netflix in Australia. The release date for the second phase is
March 4, 2022.

You will be definitely wondering how to access the U.S. Netflix to stream the beautifully animated series in Canada or anywhere in the world.

I have a good piece of information that anyone can watch American Netflix in Canada or in any corner of this earth by performing the following simple four steps of instructions.

  1. Get a stable VPN like ExpressVPN
  2. Open its VPN application after downloading
  3. Connect its online server location to the “United States”
  4. Visit Netflix, search for “Barbie It Takes Two”, and start watching!

ExpressVPN streaming on American Netflix

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Release Date of Barbie It Takes Two

Netflix premiered Barbie It Takes Two on “April 08, 2022”. No matter, where you are staying in the world. All you need is to consider the above four steps if you are unable to access Barbie: It Takes Two on Netflix.

Let’s have a look at its trailer.

About Barbie: It Takes Two

In the 26-episode series Barbie, It Takes Two. You will enjoy seeing Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts for fun, adventure, humour, and exciting moments.

The series follows Barbie and Barbie. They spend a year in New York City studying performing arts, recording a music demo, and working odd jobs to fund their goals while seeing the city and visiting family and friends in Malibu.

The series follows this renowned couple as they work hard and have fun chasing their dreams. It is filled with friendship, family, passion, and perseverance stories.

This beautifully animated series also includes six stunning songs that you will fall in love with them. It is one of the must-watch series if you have kids at home.

The Main Cast of Barbie It Takes Two (2022)

Here is the main cast of a comedy animated children’s TV series:

  • America Young as Barbie Malibu Roberts
  • Tatiana Varria As Barbie Brooklyn Roberts
  • Lisa Fuson as Margaret
  • Kristen Day as Skipper
  • Greg Chun as George
  • Nicolas Roye as Rafa
  • Cassidy Naber as Chelsea
  • Cassandra Morris as Stacie
  • Others

FAQs: Barbie: It Takes Two (2022) on Netflix Canada

Canadians or streamers staying anywhere in the world can easily watch the short comedy and adventure mini-series Barbie: It Takes Two in any part of the world after reading the above blog.

Following are a few significant questions with answers.

⭐Is Barbie” It Takes Two (2022) on Netflix?

Yes, but it is available on Netflix in a few countries like the United States, and Australia. It is due to Netflix’s copyright and content licensing agreements with the production houses.

❓How to Watch Barbie: It Takes Two Season 1 (2022) Online anywhere?

Netflix is the best online place. You simply need a VPN connection to watch it in countries where Netflix does not offer the title “Barbie: It Takes Two (2022)”.

All you need is, to connect your online VPN server location to a Netflix officially available region where the provider offers its content rights like the U.S. then start enjoying in Canada or anywhere.

💭What is the duration of Barbie: It Takes Two episodes?

The short adventure and comedy animated series episodes are about 21mins to 34 minutes long.

Final Thoughts

“Barbie: It Takes Two” is a fantastic animated series that offers fun, adventure, and comedy content. However, it is available on Netflix in a few countries like the USA and others.

Therefore, to watch it in Canada or anywhere where this title is unreachable, you need the fastest VPN connection to unblock the same title from your current location.

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