How to Fix Netflix Bar won’t go away issue? – [Tested Solutions]

Last updated: June 2, 2022 by Oscar Frost

How to fix Netflix bar issue that won't go away

Netflix is a top video streaming choice when you want the best entertainment by watching TV shows and movies with a spice of outstanding Netflix originals.

Every binge-watcher will always find something really good in its international libraries across various genres like Action, thriller, Sci-fi, romance, comedies, horror, fantasy, and kids’ entertainment.

However, there are a few streamers who are exploring the “how to fix Netflix bar won’t go away issue.”? Fortunately, this entire guide is all about it and suggests some really useful solutions to fix it.

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Tested Solution to Fix Your Netflix Bar Won’t Give Away Issue

If your Netflix bar presents troubleshooting, it can be caused due to certain common issues such as unstable internet speed, malicious software, virus attacks and full storage space.

However, once you are sure of them, you will have to consider the following best methods to solve your Netflix bar problem so it will not offer another error.

1. Remove Cache Files from Your Streaming Browser

While streaming from the smartphone app, many online browsers contain a high percentage of the repositories that need to be deleted after a certain period.

The saved files will be updated the next time you open the website when you clear the cache, so you should delete all available cache files from your browser. This can help you to solve the Netflix bar problem.

Here’s how to delete cache files that have been temporarily stored in your browser.

  1. Open the three-dots (…) at the top right corner of your browser
  2. Click on the “Settings” menu.
  3. Move down and open the “Advanced ” menu
  4. Select “All time” and checkmark all the options
  5. Hit on the tab “Clear browsing data”

After that, close your browser and open it again to stream Netflix so it won’t give Netflix bar issues anymore for watching favourite content.

2. Uninstall Unwanted Programs, Extensions and Applications

You must remove all unnecessary extensions from your streaming device. Browser extensions sometimes block various data from accessing your system and lead to such types of errors.

On the other hand, various applications and software installed on your device download different malware files. It often leads to these kinds of problems in your Netflix account.

So, to fix it, you need to disable extensions or uninstall unwanted programs or other applications that you are not sure about, whether they are safe or not.

3. Run Complete Scanning of Your Stream Device

There are various viruses and malware files that enter from time to time in devices, adversely affecting the performance of streaming devices.

As a result, you experience various errors in your Netflix account, just like the Netflix bar issue. Implementing a full scan will fix these bugs and remove these types of problems.

Therefore, you should always use the trusted anti-virus software to perform such action so it will successfully perform the entire scanning process.

4. Update Netflix Application

Many Netflix users reported in most situations there is just a need to update your Netflix application. You should visit Google play store/Apple App store and search for Netflix.

After that, if there is a need to update the Netflix app – do it quickly. You can also delete the existing Netflix app and reinstall the latest version for smooth streaming.

Furthermore, simply restarting a streaming device itself works well in certain cases. Therefore, you should try this solution.

5. Contact Netflix Live Chat Support

If your Netflix bar is still giving issues then you should use Netflix live chat feature to directly inform the representative about this issue. They will surely resolve your Netflix bar issue with the right action.

How to Fix Netflix bar won’t go away the issue: FAQs

You can easily fix the Netflix bar issue that won’t go away. Following are the additional questions with answers about “how to fix Netflix bar won’t go away the issue.”

❓Why is my Netflix account creating the problem?

It is caused due to several issues like unstable internet speed, old data stored on your browser, Netflix app needs an update, subscription renewal, anti-viruses, and others.

💭Why is the Netflix bar not moving?

An outdated version of the Netflix app probably contains a bug that caused this problem. Similarly, an older version of your browser may be responsible for the Netflix bar that continues to appear. If so, updating your browser or app to the latest version will solve the problem.

⭐How can I make the play bar go?

You should use a short key “Ctrl-M” to change or close the menu bar using the keyboard. It will play the streaming video.

Wrapping Up

Binge-watchers can easily solve the Netflix bar issue by using the above-tested solutions mentioned in this blog for a perfect streaming experience.

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