How to delete your Netflix account in 2022? [June, 2022]

Last updated: June 2, 2022 by Oscar Frost

how to delete your Netflix account

Netflix is a revolutionary video viewing service that offers appealing TV shows and movies to see in an online environment. It was enjoying the monopoly in the late ’90s.

However, the online streaming world is now more competitive and people have other great choices like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney plus, and many others at more reasonable rates.

If you have also changed your mind and wondering how to delete your Netflix account; you have arrived at the right blog to quickly learn about in 2022.

No doubt, Netflix is a top choice that offers tons of great content but if you are tired of watching the same content on the native Netflix library; you need a VPN connection and try watching American Netflix in Canada.

Here are the easy steps to access U.S. TV shows and movies from anywhere or you can binge-watch on another international library to kill your boredom to achieve a unique streaming experience.

  1. Subscribe to a stable VPN service like ExpressVPN
  2. Download a relevant VPN application
  3. Connect one of its servers in the United States
  4. Launch Netflix and start enjoying U.S. content!

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How Can You Delete a Permanent Netflix account?

At first, you need to cancel your current subscription. Once this is done, Netflix will store your data for the next ten months. After that, your account will be automatically deleted.

However, if you want to join back, it is entirely possible. Netflix has a user-friendly interface that takes no time to delete a permanent Netflix account if you have planned to leave a Netflix subscription.

Here are step-by-step instructions to delete a Netflix account.

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account
  2. Select a profile if you have created multiple profiles
  3. Click on the “Account” menu at the top right corner under the profile icon
  4. Hit on the “Cancel Membership” tabCancel Membership

5. Confirm your cancellation by pressing “Finish Cancellation

Finish cancellation

However, if you want your account to be permanently deleted before the end of the 10-months, you’ll need to contact Netflix’s live chat feature or customer support, asking them to delete your account immediately.

Apart from this, if you want others to log out from your Netflix account, read the instructions here. Moreover, you can also delete your entire watch history on the streaming king.

How to delete your Netflix account: FAQs

Netflix is an expensive streaming service but provides worthy options. However, there are plenty of other good choices that provide the best video entertainment. Here are some additional questions about “how to delete the Netflix account.

❓Where is the Netflix profile deletion button?

Firstly, navigate to the “Accounts” menu under your profile icon if you want to delete a Netflix profile. Secondly, click on the “Manage Profiles” tab. Pick a profile, click on the edit button, and then hit the delete button to remove an unwanted profile.

💭How do I uninstall the Netflix app?

It is simple to uninstall the Netflix application from your smartphone. First, open the Google Play store/Apple app store and search for the Netflix app. Lastly, select the uninstall tab and hit on the ok button for confirmation.

⭐Can you customize your Netflix icon?

You can customize the image on Netflix through a Google Chrome extension called Custom Profile Picture for Netflix. This extension allows Netflix users to change their Netflix logo to whatever they like.

Wrapping Up

Netflix does not like that people leave its platform, they do its best to retain all of its users. However, if anyone still wants to delete a Netflix account, they can easily remove it using the above guide.

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