Best VPN for Netflix 2020

Last updated: March 31, 2020 by Oscar Frost

Netflix content libraries have made the world of entertainment a little complicated. With every region of Netflix offering different shows and movies, you can never be sure if any given title is accessible in your native version of Netflix.

Moreover, these libraries aren’t fixed. They’re always changing as new content is added and existing titles are removed after a period of time. Keeping a track of these changes is obviously not humanly possible.

The easiest way to deal with this problem is to have access to every major Netflix region, so you can access these at will depending on where the content of your choice is available in.

A VPN for Netflix makes it simple to bypass geo-restrictions with a single click. The only problem is, many of these VPNs are blocked by Netflix and it is increasingly getting difficult to pass through the blockage efficiently.

In this article, I’m going to discuss some VPNs that can still be reliably used for Netflix.

VPNs that Work with Netflix

Following are some VPNs that I personally tested and found to be working well for unblocking US Netflix from within Canada:

1. PureVPN – A Foolproof Netflix Unblocker


PureVPN is one of the longest-running VPN that Netflix has never been able to fully block. I’ve been using this VPN for over 4 years and while I don’t prefer for it for general usage (there are better options for that), but its reliability for Netflix is simply remarkable.

There are over 2,000 servers in PureVPN’s network. While you won’t be able to access every Netflix region with these, it’s dedicated streaming mode for US Netflix never fails to work (at least in my experience).

The service also has other notable benefits. For instance, it has a zero-logging policy, so if you’re worried about advertisers or agencies trying to trace you alone, they’re not going to find anything in PureVPN’s servers.

Furthermore, it uses AES-256 encryption and offers multiple tunneling protocols. You can configure it to run on your preferred protocol (if you have any).

The VPN costs $3.33/month for a 2-year subscription. That’s not too expensive neither nor too cheap. All in all, it is a great VPN if you’re someone that wants access to US Netflix abroad.

2. Surfshark – Netflix Bypassing with Good Privacy


Surfshark’s reliability with Netflix is not 100%. You will need to try multiple servers before you find one working for Netflix. But rest assured, there are always a few Surfshark servers that will get you access to Netflix.

The provider operates a network of 1,040+ servers in 62 countries, which is not the largest but quite impressive. You can connect almost instantly with any server of your choice.

It comes packed with a wide range of privacy features including MultiHop, WhiteLister, CleanWeb, kill switch, and more. These keep your privacy intact against online threats.

It is also quite affordable, costing only $1.99/mo for a 2-year subscription. What’s more, you get unlimited simultaneous connections with a single Sufrshark subscription.

3. ExpressVPN – Fast and Reliable for Netflix


ExpressVPN is another outstandingly reliable VPN for Netflix. It is good for unblocking multiple Netflix regions including Japan, US, Canada, UK, and more.

The service runs a network of 3,000+ servers in 94 countries. This is a pretty large server size and is one of the reasons why the VPN is so effective for bypassing Netflix regions.

ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a lot of extra features, but it caters to your basic security needs quite well with a powerful kill switch and strong protection against DNS/IP leaks.

The only real flaw (if it may be called that) with this VPN is its pricing. Their 12-month plan cost $8.32/mo, and that is the cheapest plan they have to offer.


The best VPN for Netflix is one that gets you unrestricted access to all content libraries without any annoying errors. All the VPNs mentioned above fit this criteria, so you can go ahead and choose any of these and enjoy Netflix from anywhere in the world.

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